The Power of Peer to Peer Support for Women

Social support, power circles, women’s circles, support groups, group coaching or group therapy. Call it whatever you like. 

I know as a woman, each time I have been to a women’s group session relevant to my goals, challenges and or passion, both as an attendee or as the coach facilitating, I have experienced first-hand the deep soul level connection, solidarity and empowerment that is generated. 

There is something about women coming together to share and connect. 

One on one connections of course, are equally valuable but something about a group adds another layer of power. We all love to belong to groups. We are tribal in nature.

This then has a ripple effect. I no longer feel isolated. I get a burst of motivation, inspiration, empathy and perspective. 

Whatever stage of life you are in, life is full of challenges and obstacles. 

Knowing you are not alone in your challenge, identity or struggle makes all the difference in our quality of life. 

We need each other to overcome adversity. 

Women need emotional support and connection to thrive. 

To delve into this further I have found a great article on Harvard Business Review on Gender called: Research: When Juggling Work and Family, Women Offer More Emotional Support Than Men from 21 March 2019, by Lieke ten Brummelhuis and Jeffrey H.Greenhaus.

“Both studies confirm a pattern whereby men seem to reduce emotional support when demands in another role become too heavy. Women provide emotional support regardless of their demands in another role, and they also “pass on” the support they receive in one role by giving more emotional support in another role, thereby boosting relationships.”

Relying solely on our partner therefore, including our busy friends, to provide emotional support is not enough. 

What happens when we don’t have this support? 

It can lead to social isolation. 

What does the feeling of social isolation do to us as women?

  • Shuts down our brain and impacts our motivation, self-esteem, enthusiasm and problem-solving abilities
  • Reduces our happiness and contentment
  • Makes life harder
  • Can lead to suffering, if it is prolonged

Busy and successful women in great jobs can also become isolated for peer to peer support and connection. 

Many women feel lonely and disconnected at work. I know when I was working as the Career Coach at the Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors during Covid, I was lucky enough to develop a close relationship with my colleague who became my best friend at work. This deeply enriched my life. I knew she had my back and I felt safe to be authentic, vulnerable, sharing my wins and obstacles. We had the best brainstorming sessions and many deep laughing fits.  I felt great about the job and going to work was fun. Having great work colleagues makes or breaks a job. This topic has also been researched. An article from the 17 Aug 2022 by Gallup called The Increasing Importance of a Best Friend at Work, is one such example. 

Shared values are relevant in groups, business and organizations. Feeling like we belong is a huge confidence, engagement and problem-solving boost. 

Have you had the experience of feeling relief and pleasure giving and receiving support? Have you had the experience of feeling safe to let down your guard in a group and show your vulnerability and authenticity? 

There is nothing like knowing that other women in similar situations have faced and overcome the same challenges.

Introverts who love their own company also experience isolation. 

For all women, having me time and loving our own solitude is a healthy part of self-care, but when it gets extreme and there is no input and deep connection from others, is when isolation becomes unhealthy. 

It is easy to get into self-imposed isolation habits. 

With limited outside input we miss out on the inspiration and motivation that comes from mixing with new women, friends and peers.  

Life gets busy and one thing leads to another and before we know it, all we have done is the same routine over and over again. 

Coming together in groups, sharing your story, being heard, giving and receiving help and guidance releases dopamine and makes us feel valued and fantastic. 

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