A Community for Caring impact-driven women on a journey of transformation committed to creating change and impact for the greater good, through business, life, career or work. Rise and Thrive Together!

Get Support and Transformation, to Achieve Your Dream Impact, through Group Coaching and Events.

Never be afraid, overwhelmed, under resourced, isolated, discouraged, exhausted, or out of balance again!

Think Wellbeing, Financial Gym Membership. What is the cost of being stopped on your mental health and confidence?

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Do you find yourself listening to your inner critic and saboteurs instead of the truth that you are infinitely powerful and that anything is possible with support, healing and coaching? Do you get stopped from truly achieving the impact you dream of? If you are a victim of any of the following, we are here to put an end to that:


Confidence Issues and Imposter Syndrome​

Burnout Because Of Too Much Work, Stress and Not Enough Play

Are you out of balance prioritizing your impact goals and everyone else’s needs and neglecting your own fun and joy?  Our Thrive events include art, singing and self care. 


Are you juggling too many balls feeling overwhelmed and frustrated?


Often when we need help the most, we retreat in isolation. This common mistake women make is linked to shame around being vulnerable. Transform feelings of insignificance, shame, guilt, regret, sadness, and self blame through our Heal Events. 

You are not alone. No woman is immune, including high achieving caring impact driven women, at the top of their game. Experiencing inner roadblocks at each new level of growth is a common phenomenon.

Introducing "She Simply Impacts"

What we are about:


At She Simply Impacts we support you to achieve impact by embracing transformation through Heal | Emerge | Thrive | Impact.

A woman’s journey of transformation is not linear, it is circular.

You are brilliant! Achieving your ideal impact is possible.


Trained expert healers, coaches and facilitators (all listed on our contributors tab), from various fields, provide deep resources under the one umbrella. 


Those that inspire or jump out at you. Design your own transformational journey. The membership of $47.00 per month is unlimited.


Use our events to leverage yourself. Gain support, skills, knowledge, resources, healing, empowerment, momentum, visibility and belonging.

Check the calendar, access the Zoom links and join any event. The events are drop in, tailored to live participants and geared around your immediate needs.

Fast Track Your Impact

You don’t have to go it alone. We hold space for you. We encourage vulnerability. Coaching sessions are not recorded for confidentiality and psychological safety.

Our Vision & Mission

Every Woman and Child Confident and Thriving​

To unite 1 million caring impact driven women in the transformation of our potential into reality, the expansion of our positive impact, the equality of our voices and in the quest to end the plight of underprivileged women and children.

Here's another taste of what you can expect when you become a member

Becoming Unstoppable

Support each other to overcome challenges. Join the movement. Own our personal, professional and political power. Make the world a better place for Women and Humanity. 

Philanthropy: She Simply Impacts Ultimate Goal!

Women collaborating. Membership target: 1 million women donating 24 million annually to charities which support underprivileged women and children. 

Passive Income for all members​. Effortless Receiving.

Earn $20.00 per person per month, each time your friend or community joins.

Our vision refer 200 members and earn AU$4,000 monthly.

If this resonates, Join us.

See you on the inside.

Gratefully Angela De Palma

"When we come together in a safe space full of compassion, understanding, drive, enthusiasm, curiosity and good will, true magic can happen"

“Live coaching in the sessions is what sets us apart. This is a powerful tool to help create transformational shifts for women in real time. What we begin to realize is just how much wisdom we have and the value we can offer to create meaningful change in our lives. Loving the possibilities.” Sashua Benay

Sashua Benay

Ready to Start the Ignition and Transform your Impact

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