Manifestation and Abundance - Looking for an expert contributor

In the context of thriving these sessions will be about the practical implementation of your manifestation and abundance rituals. You will get to share and learn from participants’ options, successes and key learnings. We will practise and try different rituals to provide inspiration and motivation to develop regular habits around manifestation and abundance.

Habit Support

Are there some new habits you wish to form? Use this habit support group to get accountability around your new habits including when you plan to incorporate the habit, for how long and how often. Supporting yourself to live your ideal life includes the implementation of your ideal habits. We are always evolving and growing and coming in and out of inevitable disruptions. This group session is designed to empower you towards the life of your dreams. When we get off track all we need to do is recommit and start again. This group event is about releasing blame, shame and guilt so you can refocus on following through on habits which are important to you.


This session is for you if you love to sing. It will be run by an experienced singer and music teacher. It is not a choir as such, because online choirs do experience challenges in a Zoom environment. In the presence of like minded women you are still supported to make the time to sing and therefore thrive. Singing is very uplifting, makes you feel good and connects you with the present moment. There is an increasing amount of evidence that singing releases endorphins, serotonin and dopamine – the ‘happy’ chemicals that boost your mood and make you feel good about yourself.

Non Fiction Book Club - Looking for an expert contributor

This session is for avid readers who love to talk and share key takeaways about books they have read and are reading. You will love this group if you love hearing about books and learning new information. Passion is contagious. You never know, you might just hear about a book that could change your life.

Dance - Looking for an expert contributor

Do you love to dance but rarely do it? Life can easily get in the way of frivolity. These sessions are designed to let your hair down and give yourself permission to have a boogie. Set to dance music you can either turn your audio off and play your own favorite music or dance to the music provided. There will be an opportunity to connect with other participants before and after for sharing and socializing.

Hobbies - Looking for an expert contributor

What is your favorite hobby? Come along and participate in an implementation session where you put some time aside for your favorite hobby. It could be anything such as sewing, art and craft, scrapbooking, crocheting, felting, knitting. Whatever you love to do. There will be an opportunity to connect with other participants before and after for show and tell, sharing and socialising.

Body Percussion - Looking for an expert contributor

Body percussion is the practice of using your own body to create rhythm. It is a great way to build musicality and to make music without instruments. If you love movement and percussion this session will reinvigorate your passion. Traditionally the four main body percussion sounds (in order from lowest pitch to highest) are: stomp (stamping), patsch (patting the thighs with hands), clapping, clicking. It may seem ridiculous but why not give it a go. This is all about pure fun and trying something completely different from your normal routine.


Who loves to socialize and meet new women. Come along to an online thriving socializing session. Break isolation, make new connections. Learn about other women and help each other build connection and community. This will be run by a skilled facilitator who will ask questions to facilitate group sharing and connection. This session has no agenda apart from the opportunity to meet new women in the She Simply Impacts Community.

Self Care

What energizes you? What do you do for self care? What is self care? As busy women and mum’s, often our self care goes out the window. We are always prioritizing our family’s needs above our own. This group session is for women who need to prioritize self care and are ready to get ideas, hear from other women, share what works and gain support to put themselves first. We are taught as women that putting ourselves first is selfish. The truth is, unless we fit our own oxygen masks first, it is very difficult to give sustainably. Self neglect in the long run leads to burn out and resentment. Ideal self- care looks different from woman to woman. This group will give you a chance to explore what gives you energy and inspiration and will help you prioritize this on a regular basis.

Practicing Gratitude - Looking for an expert contributor

This group event is designed to bring women together to share what you are grateful for. The more gratitude we generate the happier we are. Get into practicing gratitude on a regular basis with other like minded women and spread the gratitude vibes. All vibes are contagious. When we help ourselves get into a prime state we help everybody in our lives. We see things from a new perspective and we reconnect with the truth that life can be sweet no matter what we are going through. We are the masters of our experience.

Using Travel for Clarity, Wellbeing and Creative Inspiration

Travel is not a one-size fits all action yet it is a tool. If you love traveling and dream of doing more of it, this group coaching event is an opportunity to gain insight into who you are as a traveller, why travel is important to you and the personal outcomes you wish to have from your travel experience. It will be run by our very own travel expert and certified wellness travel coach. Create, share your travel dreams and gain inspiration from group participants. There is nothing more enriching than travel. Our goal through this session is to inspire you to look at travel as a tool to enrich your life, improve your health and inspire creativity, personally and professionally.

Calling In The One - Looking for an expert contributor

This session is for women emerging into the world of re partnering and dating. It is for you if you are ready to attract a new committed relationship, ready to go on dates and actively looking for a new partner. Dating is very often a roller coaster ride full of ups, downs, uncertainty and surprise. It is certainly more fun navigating the journey with other women in the same situation. It is very much a mind-set game and requires a robust sense of self, being willing to face rejection and above all living outside of your comfort zone. Come along if this is you.


There are many benefits of meditation such as easing anxiety and depression, helping with self confidence, reducing stress, improving sleep, brain health, curbing addictions, easing pain and controlling food cravings, plus more. This session will be led by an experienced meditation teacher and is an opportunity to learn and practise within the session.


When you have healed enough, the natural progression is to transition your focus towards creating their goals and ideal