Angela De Palma

Founder of She Simply Impacts

Angela De Palma is the founder of She Simply Impacts. She is a passionate and experienced coach, entrepreneur, speaker and poet whose mission is transforming potential into reality through coaching, smart strategy, personal branding and accountability. Her commitment to help women was influenced by a combination of lived and professional experience. She grew up as a child and teenager in a family impacted by mental illness and domestic violence. She was married for fifteen years, hiding behind the confidence of her ex husband. After he left her and her divorce, she realized that building his career at the expense of her own, had not been a smart strategy. Her life has been a journey of Healing | Emerging | Thriving. She is a visionary of huge scale committed to impacting the success and empowerment of all women and children through She Simply Impacts, including financially. She loves philanthropy and sees the collaboration of women through She Simply Impacts as a powerful vehicle to achieve a greater impact for underprivileged women and children. She is energized by creating the impossible.

She is both an expert contributor within She Simply Impacts, as well as works 1 on 1 with clients through

Renee Bailey

Clinical Nutritionist | Root Cause Health Detective

Renee Bailey holds a Bachelor of Health Science (Clinical Nutrition), is a professional Registered Clinical Nutritionist with the Nutrition Society of Australia, a Clinical Member of The International Society for Nutritional Psychiatry Research, a member of The Australasian Society of Lifestyle Medicine (ASLM), and The Australian Natural Therapists Association.

She specialises in finding the root cause of your health issues, because she believes the greatest health transformations happen when you address the underlying causes, not just treating the symptoms.

She is passionate about womens’ health and vitality. There is no illness or condition she can’t help you with.

Shannon Stone

Business | Marketing Consultant

Shannon Stone is an award-winning Business & Marketing Consultant based in Brisbane, Australia. With over a decade of experience, she helps business owners with their sales, marketing and strategy, with many of her clients tripling their revenue in 90 days. Since 2015, Shannon has launched two successful businesses, grown teams with local and global employees and has worked alongside a full suite of businesses ranging from interior designers and photographers to mortgage brokers and marketing agencies, all with the common desire to make more sales and grow their business.

Shannon is a champion of people in business and loves to support them to achieve their business and lifelong goals.


Mary Wong

Coach | Author | International speaker | Expert Communicator

Mary Wong is the CEO and founder of Optimal Life Solutions, coach, author, international speaker, and expert communicator. Mary has studied and applied leadership for over 20 years and is known for helping people step up the career ladder and become recognised as leaders in their industry. Mary says the ability to comfortably converse in all situations forms the basis of great leadership, and this ability comes from being aware of our strengths and our areas of challenge, and through our dedication to self-improvement.

In her work, Mary helps organisations, executives, managers, and their teams to connect on a deeper level, resolve their disputes and create new relationships through clearly speaking their truth in a kind and supportive way.

With this kind of excellent communication in place, teams become more connected, innovative, and highly productive; and businesses become more successful, with extra sales, happy customers, reduced absenteeism, and better bottom lines.

Mary’s clients become highly respected, self-aware leaders who exceed KPI’s, enthuse their team members and set the benchmark in their industries.Her qualifications include a Diploma of Leadership, Coaching and Mentoring, Diploma of Business Management, Diploma of Counselling, International Corporate trainer, Fellow of International Training in Communication, Certified Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument ® Practitioner, Certified Conversational Intelligence ® Practitioner, Certified Roche Martin ECR 360 ® Emotional Intelligence Practitioner.

Sabine Armbruster

Business Coach And Strategist

Entrepreneur, business owner, community contributor and mother of two, Sabine is a people person – a listener, a solution finder and a motivator. Having run several businesses over 25 years, Sabine recognises the journey of finding your brilliance as a businesswoman can involve multiple twists and turns. She has proven that it’s possible to reinvent yourself later in life having established herself as a well-respected business designer, coach and speaker. Her philosophy is simple: You Do YOU Best. Sabine’s mission is to create a sustainable future, delivering freedom, flexibility, fulfilment and independence for her clients. She works with women, assisting them to get clear on their business model, plans, strategies, courses, marketing… whatever it takes to bring the business to life… thus creating simple, scalable, standout businesses. As part of She Simply Impacts Sabine’s focus includes Vision & Values Alignment, Goals for Growth, Planning for Personality, The Box is Too Small, Deconstruct and Simplify the ‘Stuck’… (by She Momentum) 

Janeen Vosper

Author, Conference Speaker, Personal Branding Authority Coach, Sales, and Professional Speaker Trainer

For over 20 years, Janeen worked as the General Manager of Sales for a successful multi-million-dollar, national supply business. As GM, Janeen had plenty of hands-on experience coaching high performing, commissioned-based sales teams. Assisting her team in setting unbeaten sales records thus creating exceptional incomes.

Wanting to share her expertise with sole traders and small business owners who aren’t achieving the results they desire, Janeen established her training business, Speech Perfect in 2007.

Combining her success in sales and as an international speaker, Janeen now provides a wide scope of training for all sizes of businesses. Her goal is to provide individuals with the skills to speak with a confident voice and the words to share their business story with credibility and conviction and become the voice of authority in their industry.

A voice so her clients can confidently sell their ideas and to have the know-how to speak with influence in front of any audience to establish and advance their personal brand authority.

Her method of training and coaching is to inspire top results through implementing time proven techniques, clear communication, and a laser customer focus.

Moana Robinson

Personal Stylist, Coach, Author and Presenter

Moana Robinson has a mission … to empower others to glow from the inside out. As an mBIT Coach, NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Life Coach and Personal Stylist she uses her skills to take women on a journey to discover their best life and style. Moana is author of Amazon No.1 Best seller “B Styled for Life – Living with Sass and Style Over 50” and also recently published “Teddy’s Revenge – Overcoming Life’s Challenges with Sass and Style”. Moana has also co-authored many other books and contributed to many articles and podcasts. Moana loves to support women to discover their true colours, style and inside beauty to look, feel and be the best they can be.

Karen Mudie

Breathwork and Spiritual Awakening Coach

Karen is the owner and founder of Breathe with Me. She is an energetic and compassionate transformational Breathwork Coach, dedicated to helping women heal from the inside so they can live a life of balance, alignment and flow
Often referred to as the body whisperer, Karen draws from a holistic and body-based approach to breakthrough old patterns, release blocked emotions, improve resilience, and find freedom in your mind, body, and spirit.
Karen’s programs are based on education, daily practices, awareness, integration, and embodiment. She is excited to be joining the team at Simply Impacts to help you access your highest potential, become the best version of yourself, embrace life and thrive!

Indrani Lewthwaite

Principal Counsellor/Psychotherapist, CBT Practitioner and Transformational Neuro coach, Accredited supervisor

Indrani is the founder of equipped for Life (EFL) Centre for Counselling, Coaching and Education. Registered counsellor and psychotherapist, CBT practitioner and neuro change coach. ACA accredited counselling supervisor, Nationally accredited trainer and Accessor and community radio presenter.
After serving diverse groups of women and children in the community for over 15 years as a group coach and mentor, Indrani decided that it was her calling to help make a difference. After becoming a qualified counsellor and a psychotherapist, driven by her passion for human behaviour, for over 5 years indrani worked with a vast range of Mental health issues,  addictive behaviours, homicide victims support, psychological trauma, relationships and workplace counselling.
Indrani says during her work she discovered  3 common aspects of human behaviour that play a crucial role in every area of one’s life. The first 10 years of a person’s life have a significant impact on self-view, world view and core values. One’s interpretation of what a healthy relationship is, depends on the first relationship of their life.
Trauma is not the event that happens in one’s life, it is the impact that lasts once the event is over, this means people can be healed. Indrani believes when a person’s relationship suffers, every area of their life also starts to suffer. A healthy relationship is a powerful healing agent when dealing with psychological trauma.
Indrani has developed an integrated counselling process for women to be restored from past trauma and identify their potential to take back control and learn how to love themselves and develop and maintain healthy relationships, while enjoying their full potential.

Lucinda Peters

Singer | Songwriter | Musician | Teacher

Lucinda Peters is an Australian singer, musician, recording artist and performer with a BMus in Jazz voice from ANU and a Masters in Vocal Pedagogy from the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, where she studied with esteemed vocal pedagogue Irene Bartlett. While she is engaged in her own career, she holds an equal passion and enthusiasm for teaching. Her album Desert Sands is available on Spotify.


Sashua Benay

Transformation Mindset Coach

Transformation Coach | Intuitive Mentor | Energy Alignment Coach | Blockage Release Specialist | Team Workshop Facilitator | Author | Keynote Speaker
For over 18 years, Sashua has been coaching in the Soul Centred Personal Mastery space inspiring & empowering Professionals, Entrepreneurs & Teams to find fulfilment and connection in Life & Business through Conscious Living & Leadership.
With 12 years’ experience in Corporate Human Resources plus 18 years since in Intuitive Mindset Coaching, Sashua’s clients leave behind frustration, low energy, overwhelm and lack of self-worth to create new pathways of purpose, confidence and success.
She does this through a unique combination of group, self-paced & 1 to 1 coaching programs and team facilitation using her signature Beyond Mindset Methodologies, courses with Living Illumination and HeartBeat Leaders, Teams & Jams.
Sashua creates meaningful, practical change with all her clients who use words such as “The Real Deal”, “The Missing Link” & “Absolutely Remarkable” to describe her work and report they have “experienced more personal and professional growth with Sashua than any meditation, retreat, or coaching program I have ever done.”  Her style is practical, insightful, powerful, nurturing and joyful, creating everlasting transformation with the Vision to co-create a better world.

Jen Gils

NLP Hypnosis and Emotional Change Technique Coach

Hi, I’m Jen Gils of Jen Gils Coaching and I am passionate about supporting as many women across the globe to heal from past trauma in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.
My Holistic Healing sessions are a combination of my years of training, experiences, spiritual connections and my passion and I incorporate modalities such as Hypnosis, Light Codes Method ™, Reiki and NLP to support your healing.
We live in such a busy world and quite often we forget about ourselves and our healing. It’s time to allow and surrender to the incredible power of your soul to heal holistically.

Tanya Maree

Accountability & Self Empowerment Mumma Coach

I’m an Accountability & Self Empowerment Mumma Coach (#mouthfull). I’m a professionally trained coach for working mums with teenage kids. I specialise in holding space for these beautiful Mummas while they rediscover themselves and support them to create the next season of their lives

My story is not that remarkable….

Boy meets girl, girl puts boy on pedestal, boy and girl have 3 kids, girl makes herself the lowest priority, girl loses herself and her power, girl hits crisis point, girl grows a set (#balls) and asks for what she needs, girl fights against internal and external resistance, girl becomes a coach to help other women in her position.

I’ve learnt first hand what happens when you give yourself and your power away, because you believe it’s the only way to be the best Mumma you can be.  My passion and purpose is to coach, mentor and hold space for other mums who know deep down that they want so much more but don’t know how to create it for themselves.  I support them while they find their version of balance, rediscover who they are and regain their passion and purpose in this life.

Deborah Carroll

Emotional Mastery Coach

Hi I’m Deborah

I specialise in emotional mastery coaching. Empowering women by sharing easy and simple techniques on how to manage everyday stress and feel happier.

Using a unique format that builds confidence, overcomes fears and removes negative thought patterns. I think you would agree that we live in times were depression and anxiety is an epidemic. With so many experiencing emotional overwhelm, stress and unhappiness. More than ever before women need empowering resources. My  mission is to help women feel confident and to stand proudly in their personal power. This is why I am so passionate to share my life’s work with women. In one-on-one coaching sessions and masterclasses.

Birgitta Ravenhill

Difference Maker | Leadership & Team coach | Mentor & Facilitator

Birgitta is the owner and founder of The Smartest Path. She loves to inspire connections that are heart centered and value based. Especially in these complex and fast changing times it is more important than ever to lead with courage and compassion and show up vulnerable, because no one can do it alone. Having experienced firsthand how leading to ‘fit in’ can be depleting and trigger a state of distress, she realized the importance of connecting to yourself first. Becoming aware of how you think, feel and act will transform how you show up daily and enable you to make impactful changes. People who fail to make this connection will find it hard to play full out, they might feel incongruent, undervalued, and start doubting themselves.

Birgitta’s holistic approach helps identify value-based leadership, aligning vision and purpose, and committing to the strategic cultural or behavioral change that drives leaders and teams forward. With a particular focus on building a future oriented practice in a safe, supportive environment, Birgitta excels in helping women find their authentic voice and influence.

Having worked with C-Suite, leaders, and teams worldwide for over 25 years has afforded her an acute understanding of the importance of effective leadership and a wealth of mature expertise. With her inquisitive and insightful approach Birgitta is dedicated to help her clients create transformational results, individuals and teams alike.  By aligning head – heart – hand she enables them to be authentic, confident, and impactful. Birgitta, is addicted to learning and treats life as one big adventure to be taken with a daily dose of positiveness, a pinch of seriousness and spoonful of laughter.

Her qualifications include Certified International Results coach, GTCI Certified Team Coach, EMMC Global TCQA, Cert Entrepreneurship and New Business, Diploma in Consultative Selling, Diploma Ecommerce, Diploma Effective Communication, MA Social Economic History, BA General History.

Jodi Gagne

Energy Coach | EFT Practitioner | 21 Journeys Teacher

Jodi is a certified Energy Coach and EFT / Tapping Practitioner and is the founder of In Flow Energy Coaching. She helps creative event professionals deal with what has them burnt out so they can get back to creating unforgettable events.

Jodi earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with Honours at York University in Ontario, Canada and is a stage manager and lighting designer by trade. From dance festivals to rock and roll concerts to cruise ships, Jodi’s early career gave her the opportunity to work in Canada, and Internationally. Building on her event production and theatre experience, Jodi founded Simply Perfect in 2001 and for 21 years ran a successful wedding management and coordination company.

When the pandemic hit, Jodi discovered the world of energy psychology and now uses all of her life experiences to get to the root of what is keeping success-driven event professionals frustrated, blocked and exhausted. Jodi provides guidance, support and empowerment using tools for mind-body-heart-soul connection.

Through coaching, meditation, visualization and EFT/Tapping, we clear out the stress so you can level up your focus, rediscover your creativity and take inspired action to make the big changes necessary to make way for you to do more of what lights you up!