She Simply Impacts Events


Emotional support group | Group counselling | Health and nutrition | Art therapy | Journalling | Money mindset healing | Sharing your therapeutic poetry and writing | Working mums | Single mums | LGBTIQ | Autism | ADHD | Boost your under achievement | Front line workers | Carers.


Career coaching | Mindset | Stepping into leadership | Speaking confidently in groups | Storytime | Business coaching | Accountability Implementation | Financial capacity | Personal branding | Women in business networking | Women outnumbered at work | Personal Styling | Business financials | Sales and negotiation | Help grow the membership brainstorming and planning | Mass Media Marketing


Manifestation and abundance coaching | Habit support | Singing | Art class | Dance | Hobbies | Self care | Practicing gratitude | Using travel for Clarity, wellbeing and creative Inspiration | Meditation.

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What Does the Community Offer Women?

Become a member and participate in any or all online group events. The group therapy events are designed to give you a voice; share your story, gain perspective, receive deep listening, emotional support and empathy to heal. The emerge events are designed to help you achieve clarity, push through bottlenecks, set and achieve goals, hold you accountable, help you take calculated risks, overcome imposter syndrome and mindset limitations. Belong and take your life to a whole new level by learning new skills.

Have fun along the way. Make new connections, networks and friendships.

Belong to a shared philanthropic vision. Experience deep satisfaction that your membership has impacted the lives of underprivileged women and children as well as your own.