She Simply Impacts is calling all women on a journey of transformation looking to fulfil your potential and self actualise

Welcome To She Simply Impacts

You are in the right place if you identify as a woman on a journey of transformation looking to fulfill your potential and self actualise. 

You no doubt are constantly on the search for guidance, resources, tools, and a community. In order to thrive as women we need the support of a like minded community of women who are aligned and all believe in the same thing. We need access to healing, coaching and social support. 

She Simply Impacts supports women holistically in our transformation journey and embodies a framework which encompasses healing, emerging, thriving and impacting. Our goal is to bring consciousness, empowerment and celebration to a woman’s journey of transformation. 

It is a membership community offering affordable online live group coaching, professional, business, leadership, personal development and social support events.

Who Is She Simply Impacts for?

  • Female leaders and or emerging leaders who want to step into their full potential
  • Caring-impact driven women motivated by Philanthropy and supporting other women oriented causes
  • Women stuck in survival mode and wanting desperately to begin thriving

Are your goals are any of the following:

  • To learn about and embrace your unique journey of transformation
  • Understand who you are and who you are not, so you can make the right decisions
  • Transform your life
  • Fulfill your potential
  • Live outside your comfort zone
  • Advance your career or business and be more visible
  • Get promoted
  • Increase your income
  • Be more fulfilled at work
  • Pivot in your career or business
  • Start or grow a business
  • Receive support and collaborate with other women 
  • Heal your past
  • Attract a partner
  • Have more fun
  • Practice self care and self-love
  • Make a difference to underprivileged women and children 
  • Be part of something bigger than yourself
  • Connect with like minded women

What is a Woman’s Journey Of Transformation as defined by:

Heal | Emerge | Thrive | Impact

A woman’s journey of transformation is something a woman goes through whether you are aware of it or not. Milestones such as coming of age and first sexual experiences, leaving school, finding your new identity as young women, choosing a career path, learning skills, especially communication and how to turn your ideas into reality, learning how to emerge, stand on your own two feet and support yourself financially, navigate relationships, transition into married life and or long term relationships, into motherhood. Transformation is happening at every one of these stages. The Heal | Emerge | Thrive | Impact Transformation Framework is a context from which to embrace your life for continually untapping your potential at each stage and achieving self actualisation. 

It helps to put your life into perspective and creates an awareness around which type of support you need, when. It helps you relax into the stages and navigate your way through inevitable transitions of all types including both wanted and unwanted. By embracing transformation through Heal | Emerge | Thrive | Impact, change becomes not only easier but something you chase, to unlock your potential. 


There is the ideal and then there is the reality. Things don’t go according to plan a lot of the time. Many women are carrying guilt, shame, blame, resentment from unhealed childhood trauma that they are not even aware of. Our education system does not facilitate self discovery on a deep level. A lot of women don’t know who they are. We are not given opportunities to explore and illuminate our value systems, gifts, talents, passion and core beliefs.  We make mistakes. We choose the wrong relationships for the wrong reasons, the wrong careers, we get involved with narcissists, loved ones die, loss occurs. We lose ourselves through caring, marriages and children. Priorities change at each stage. These are all triggers for healing because there is loss involved. The healing journey can be multi-layered and  take years, depending on the complexity of your background. To fulfill our potential and self actualise all deep wounds need to be uncovered and healed. All loss acknowledged, mourned, accepted and healed. Women are also still healing from the effects of living in a patriarchal society of which the remnants are still unconsciously passed down through the generations. This is why a continual circle back into the healing journey is necessary throughout our transformation journey. Loss and change are part of life. Turning our adversity into triumph is part of the healing journey. Learning how to celebrate the loss and change and see it as the ultimate gift for growth. When we are grateful our work is complete for now. 


Emerging in this framework is about setting and achieving our personal and professional goals. There is the emergence of new identities. We need a healthy dose of confidence to emerge and chase dreams and aspirations. Most women need to work on building confidence. Emerging is part of life. It starts as young adults, we have to explore, make plans, decide, set goals and follow through on our commitments. This is the emerging journey. It never stops. We keep evolving and changing and creating new ideas and new plans and the cycle of emerging keeps flowing. For some of us, this is easy and for others this is hard. We get stuck. When we miss the mark time and again on goal achievement it is time to investigate more deeply through self discovery and healing work. Is there a missing piece of the puzzle? There could be stuck beliefs of being unworthy or a values misalignment. A clue that we have trapped pain and trauma is when we repeat the same mistake over and over and generate the same negative patterns. Unhealed trauma, regret, sadness, betrayal, shame, guilt and emotional pain inevitably thwart momentum and success. We try to emerge but it does not work according to plan, mostly from lack of skills and or lack of self knowledge or by negative outside influences. In our community Heal | Emerge | Thrive | Impact is at our fingertips. 

The emerging journey never stops therefore because each stage of life passes and the next one must take hold. 

Some examples include no longer being fulfilled, having a baby, going back to work, being retrenched, being diagnosed with an illness, ending a relationship, getting stuck in unfulling work environments, getting divorced, a death in the family. 

A patriarchal society has robbed women and men, of our vulnerability, of our emotionality, of our feelings. We still apologize and feel shame when we cry in public or cry at work. We tend to isolate rather than seek support. 

Thriving and impacting are common goals for women. Healthy women are wired to make a difference, to do well, to collaborate, to create opportunities for others, including joy and harmony and practising self love and self care.

A Heal | Emerge | Thrive | Impact transformation framework provides a motivation to embrace vulnerability, to keep learning skills, effective tools and techniques. It facilitates practicing self love and self care, being willing to take risks and embrace living outside of our comfort zone as a way of life. We have the knowledge and the support. We are never isolated, alone and trapped in our pain or negative patterns.

 A conscious transformation journey helps us understand what is going on, distinguish which stage we are in and prepare us ahead of time for what we need to do next. It teaches us the value of continually investing in a community, support, education, guidance and knowledge, where vulnerability, practicing self love and self care and lifelong learning are catalysts for continual growth. When we get to be whole women and not cut off from our heart, passion, power and desire to create lasting change and impact we become unstoppable.  

A Heal | Emerge | Thrive | Impact transformation framework speeds up the process of knowing how and where to return, when you get a bit lost or an adversity strikes. Transformation as a conscious framework is a way to become the designer and creator of your ideal life. 

Each woman’s journey is unique and no one size fits all. We are interchangeably working towards different goals and priorities throughout the different stages of our lives. Our transformation journey is not linear unlike the hero’s journey. It is intuitive. The pieces of the puzzle often don’t become clear until later on. Divine timing plays a part around which aspects require unpacking and uncovering.  

She Simply Impacts has been designed to facilitate a Woman’s journey of Transformation: Heal | Emerge | Thrive | Impact by providing the expert contributors, creating the right culture, community, support, learning and social support events. 

Receive Guidance and support from Our Expert contributors

Through our group of expert contributors, across various fields, providing deep resources under the one umbrella, you will be able to tap into and design your own transformational pathway. Start with what you need to release. Are you carrying guilt, shame, regret, fear, sadness? If so start with healing. Or are you disempowered, dissatisfied or unfulfilled at work? Then start with the end in mind regarding business or career. Do you want to make a bigger impact and increase your visibility? Map out your short, mid and long term goals. Are you looking for a bit more fun and or to unleash your creativity, then check out our thrive events. At the end of the day, we are here to provide structure, visibility confidence and support for you to fulfil your potential. If you are ready to heal, emerge, thrive, have more fun and make a bigger impact, be sure to join us. Experiment by attending different events across different categories. Trust your intuition. 

Ask yourself:

  • What does my ideal life look like?
  • What do I need to change?
  • What do I need to heal?
  • What is holding me back?
  • What are my challenges I need help with?
  • What do I need to get better at?
  • What is my short, mid and long term goal?
  • What skills, support, information and or exposure do I need to help me?
  • What impact do I want to create through my life and work?
  • Who do I need to become?

Heal | Emerge | Thrive | Impact

Choose events accordingly. Pick what you need. 

How did I discover this framework?

These four themes Heal | Emerge | Thrive | Impact are a united quartet and form the basis of the philosophy behind a woman’s journey of transformation as embodied in the She Simply Impacts community. It is based on my own lived experience of transformation. The themes became evident to me as I looked back over my journey (encompassing five plus decades). In my quest to fulfill my potential, achieve self actualisation, fulfillment and joy, I continue to navigate each of these four unique paths. They are interchangeable and interlinked. At each stage  it is not uncommon for some uncovered past trauma to finally arise in order to be healed. This process never stops and has never stopped throughout my own life. My goal is always to fulfill my potential and self actualise and to help other women do the same. 

I embody a woman’s journey of transformation, as do all of the expert contributors of amazing women in this community. As will you, once you join us and embrace your own healing, receive the group coaching to achieve your career and personal goals and thrive through our social support events.

By embodying the quartet as a way of life you will easily sustain momentum and continue to tap into the vast unlocked areas of your potential which otherwise would seem very hard to access and unleash. 

The Founder’s Journey of Transformation and Inspiration for She Simply Impacts

Like many women, I have had to:

  • heal myself from extreme childhood and teenage trauma
  • escape the domestic violence and abuse of my family
  • find my new identity as a young woman 
  • transition into married life
  • transition into motherhood 
  • experience divorce
  • learn from my mistakes
  • forgive myself
  • ask for help and be vulnerable
  • learn how to re emerge, stand on my own two feet and support myself financially after fifteen years of losing myself in a marriage
  • choose a career path
  • acquire skills
  • become visible
  • embrace my own identity
  • trust myself, honor myself, give myself permission to experience self-love, pride, fun and joy, creativity, skills and create my own excitement
  • I committed and took the action to eventually re-partner after my divorce, even though I was very scared

Underpinning the healing, emergence and thriving journey, has always been an innate drive to step out of my comfort zone and limiting beliefs to mentor and help, make an impact and a difference in whatever I was doing. 

What has influenced the She Simply Impacts group therapy and group coaching  model? 

My first introduction to healing was group therapy at the beginning of my 20’s and is where I met my ex husband. I experienced first hand the power of being vulnerable and releasing pain within a safe space of trusted individuals. 

At the start of my journey of transformation, I had no roadmap. I had no idea who I was, what I was doing. I had to piece it all together on my own. I had to trust my instincts even though a lot of it did not make sense. I had no family support or guidance. I was strapped for cash and broke countless times throughout my journey of transformation. Through the group therapy network, an international organization, I tapped into an affordable supportive community to turn to, for emotional support. This gave me so much courage to leave my family and go out on my own. I will always be deeply grateful for the positive impact this organization had in my young journey of transformation. It was called Re Evaluation Counseling. The other modalities which aided my initial healing journey included theater, drumming and yoga. Eventually I settled largely on a solid meditation practice spanning 29 years ( It has been the meditation which has underpinned my deepest healing along with a lifelong commitment to personal development, therapy and a commitment to professional mindset coaching. And last but not least therapeutic poetry and writing has provided comfort and relief, culminating in my self published book called Poetic Release from Negative Thinking, A Poetry Collection Of Healing Words, available on Amazon. She Simply Impacts exists to make your journey easy. To fast track what could otherwise end up being years of searching for help and solutions. To protect you from further pain and frustration. 

The Common challenges and barriers we face when we are ready for the next growth step.

When it is time for you to grow into your full potential, to move into the next stage of your life, whether by choice or through adversity, no doubt you will face the same internal barrage. 

At each stage of growth I still experience some of the following limiting self talk. Does this sound familiar:

“I can’t!” “Am I good enough?” “I’m way too busy” “My problems are too huge” “I’m a mess” I’m broken” “What will people think of me?” “What if they don’t like me?” “It’s too risky!” “Do I really want this anyway?” “Is this really possible?” “Am I crazy?” “I don’t have enough money” “What if I make a mistake?” “Am I doing the right thing?” “I’m stuck!” “What if I fail?” “I’m terrified!”

The dreaded inner critic. The inner saboteurs which stop us from taking action and lead to:

Confidence challenges | Isolation | Too much work and no play | Stuck in Trauma | Grief | Stress | Burnout | Harassment | Salary inequality | Feelings of insignificance | Imposter Syndrome | Being invisible | Shying away from leadership, politics, visibility because of fears of not being good enough and fears for our safety. 

We cannot transform unless we act. Face our fears and do it anyway. 

You are not alone. 

You don’t have to do it alone. Collectively as expert contributors and members alike, we are here to help you and hold space for you and your unique journey. There is no shame in being vulnerable and needing help, skills and support to grow. In fact, it’s essential. Life is more fun with it. Play it forward within this community. Give and receive simultaneously. Achieve your personal and professional goals. 

What does the community offer You?

My journey of transformation through accessing healing, coaching and social support structures has enabled me to understand who I am, who I am not and take responsibility. 

We are committed and care about you, your potential and your unique journey of transformation. Why go it alone? Why pay extraordinary sums of money, why try and piece it all together yourself, when it is laid out here, under one umbrella. Why not leverage off a group of extraordinary healers, career, leadership, mindset, business coaches and facilitators and fast track the self actualisation of your potential and achieve your goals whilst having a great time along the way.

Where do you start?

With your biggest challenge, goal, priority and or desire? There is something in the mix for you within the She Simply Impacts events line up. Work in one area at a time or many simultaneously. The membership of $47.00 per month is unlimited. 

How to make best use of She Simply Impacts membership

Use our events to leverage yourself, to gain support, skills, knowledge, resources, healing, empowerment, momentum, visibility and belonging. 

Check the calendar, access the Zoom links and join any event. The events are drop in, tailored to live participants and geared around your immediate needs.

The Truth About Women

For women and society to reach our full potential we must act despite the limiting voices in our head. We must seek guidance from other women who are also on the same journey of transformation. We must band together. When one woman rises we all rise and so do our children and grandchildren. 

As women we know how to preserve and nurture life. We know how to lead. How to get stuff done. Women love to collaborate. Women love to help each other. Women love to share. Women love to organize. Women understand other people. Women feel empathy for underprivileged members of society especially other women and children. Noone understands our own unique journey like we do. No one even cares, as much as we do. We just get stuck along the way. We get stopped by our fear. We burn out, we hit obstacles, life happens. Adversity strikes. This puts us back on the healing journey, which we may not have seen coming. Thankfully when you belong to She Simply Impacts, we’ve got your back. Choose different events according to your current circumstances. A Woman’s Journey of Transformation is a long circular game and never stops. 

Becoming Unstoppable

Let’s become unstoppable together, despite the challenges. 

The more we collectively take ownership of our personal, professional and political power the world will be a better place. 

She Simply Impacts Ultimate Goal 

My belief and vision for the potential of women collaborating under one umbrella keeps getting bigger and bigger. Hence the philanthropy automatically built into the She Simply Impacts membership target: 1 million women donating 24 million annually to charities which support underprivileged women and children. 

If this resonates, Join us. 

See you on the inside.

Events start on 7 Feb. We are offering a 6 month unlimited free trial for the first 300 members.

Sign up on the Feb 7 2023.

Gratefully Angela De Palma