Do you need help designing your ideal life and schedule?

I have conducted 1000 plus coaching sessions since I transitioned my career into coaching at the end of 2017. In this time, I have seen some common themes for women around how to transition and achieve your ideal life and schedule whilst juggling all of your immediate priorities.

Do you fit into any of the following? You feel disempowered and ashamed that you are not able to get on top of your priorities and basic time management, not to mention your ideal life design

✓ You don’t know how to make space for your goals and dreams

✓ You want to improve your ability to juggle your current reality such as full-time work and family, with important but not urgent projects

✓ You schedule things in your calendar but don’t follow through

✓ You need support to juggle the dream and passion projects and have not taken the time to translate your current capacity into a viable schedule

✓ You don’t yet have a diary system at all, electronic nor paper which leads to appointments getting missed, double bookings and hence confusion and chaos reigns. 

One of the reasons women come to coaching is to get help and accountability in this area. 

If this is you, where do we start?

From my perspective, the first place I start as a coach is by providing an environment free from judgment, filled with possibility and confidence in the transformation journey itself. 

When you are ready and willing to put your full focus and force behind your desire for change, the solutions and motivation will manifest. Continued effort will sustain the changes.  

Releasing blame, shame and guilt is the first place to start, for you. 

No one size fits all and like any other bottleneck or problem it requires a deep dive. 

A deep dive involves unpacking the layers. The first layer seeks clarity, from clarity we are able to move to the creation of a sustainable plan backed by action and follow through. This process ultimately leads to empowerment especially when the change can be sustained for a period of time. 

The longer we sustain a change the easier it becomes to course correct when we get out of balance. We can draw on our strengths and previous success. We know we have done it before. We know the journey, we know what works and we know what it takes. 

Let’s face it, as women we are juggling many different priorities all at once. 

Ultimately, through the process of working with a coach one on one or in a group as well as continued self-coaching, we are seeking to activate our intrinsic motivation. That drive that comes from within. 

This process requires a mix of reality check, problem solving, creativity and trial and error, to come up with what will work. 

We need to delve into:

  • What our values are 
  • Current priorities
  • Short, mid and long-term goals
  • What saboteurs apart from the judge and critic dominate us
  • What time of day we come alive and are at our best  
  • What is our vision and mission  
  • Why we want the thing we say we want

I know for myself, I am a morning person. When I design my schedule around starting work early between 6 and 7 am it sets me up for extreme productivity. In the morning, I am my most creative. The morning is a great time for me to tackle tasks such as writing, creating my masterclasses and writing poetry. Deep focus work happens best for me in the morning. 

There are hundreds of scheduling tools and time management systems. My philosophy is never to reinvent the wheel but to help my clients examine themselves on every level to come up with a plan which has the best chance of success and sustainability.

We are aiming to achieve long lasting solutions and not just band aids based on what we think we should be doing around scheduling and time management, but keep failing at. 

I know as a busy professional that my calendar is the first thing I check either the night before, or first thing in the morning.  

I have had to train myself to do this. It did not come naturally. I choose an electronic calendar and this works the best for me. I prefer Google over Microsoft. The main thing is, I like to keep it as simple as possible. 

When you are looking at solving the problem of creating and designing your very own ideal life and schedule and bringing your passion and projects to fruition, you will also need to consider the following:

  • What makes you happy
  • What are your real needs and preferences
  • How much you have going on right now, which could sabotage you
  • Your expectations and how realistic they are
  • What you are telling yourself around what is or is not possible
  • Resolving the inner conflict between your truth and your “should”
  • Setting aside time for deep inner reflection around what you say you want, your values and your actual behaviour
  • What skills and tools you need to acquire in scheduling and ideal life design
  • What supports you need to put around yourself to maximise success

There are many different ways to be effective. 

Some people like to work a bit each day on an important project. It may not be urgent now, but lack of consistency now, will thwart your progress towards your ideal life. 

Others prefer to set aside one full day per week, as an example. 

Brian Tracy wrote the book Eat That Frog about tackling the hardest thing first up. Get it out of the way and receive an energy boost. 

Projects or work that is essential which we find difficult or tedious, often get neglected until the last minute, and this process is draining. 

Even planning your week needs to be scheduled and diarised. 

To get started with great sustainable and empowering habits, accountability cannot be underestimated. 

The empowerment which comes from having an external person or group check in on you is life changing, especially if you are self-employed. Especially also, if you have projects you know will take you to your ideal life and schedules, but are not urgent. 

One day they become urgent. Or one day, you may have tremendous regret when you look back and realize you never took control of your life and time. 

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