Mindset Coaching

What are you telling yourself that is holding you back? Who are you? What are your top saboteurs? What makes you tick? What are you afraid of? This live session is designed to help you unpack limitations. It all starts with a thought, leads to an emotion, a belief and impacts our ability to take action and create change. When you find out that you are not alone, that other women share the same mental anguish and limiting thoughts it is very empowering and freeing. Together we can support each other to break free and build empowering neural pathways supporting who we want to be and who we are capable of becoming.

Chana Studley’s sessions focus on The MindBody Connection. So many of us today suffer from headaches, gut issues, fatigue etc.  Doctors often don’t seem to know why, which just adds to the frustration. Learning how we are always “feeling our thinking” and how this translates into things like food allergies, skin conditions and much more, is the path to freedom from chronic pain and physical issues. 
Understanding that we have an inner speed and how to slow down helps us regulate our nervous systems. In these sessions, you will be gently reminded that we all have innate wellbeing, are never broken, and don’t fixing.”If you can hear your body whisper, you won’t have to hear it scream.”